Fair Deal Rules

Placing a bet with us signifies the acceptance of these Fair Deal Rules and any bet placed in any betting platform can only be cancelled by mutual consent. We are committed to bringing excitement to life through Racing & Sports betting whilst ensuring we are playing an active role in ensuring all customers are gambling in a responsible & fair manner.

General Betting Rules

We only accept bets on Horse racing, Greyhound racing, Virtual racing, Numbers betting and Sports & special event betting as listed in these Fair Deal Rules or authorized by Sporting Star management. Any bets accepted in error, not covered by these Fair Deal Rules or authorized by Sporting Star management will be declared void. Placing a bet with us signifies the acceptance of these Fair Deal Rules and any bet placed in any betting platform can only be cancelled by mutual consent. 

All bets will be settled on the official results published by the governing body of each event and Please be aware that Sporting star reserve the right to correct obvious errors or omissions of selections, prices or results of any event which bets are accepted as our every effort to ensure complete accuracy. Also be aware that clients should only consider the Sporting Star publications and data screens to gather information about any given selection (name, number, race card number, time, event, etc.) before placing the bets as settlement shall only be made according to the Sporting Star publications and data screens. 

All bets are subject to a deduction of 5% or a rate announced by the Sporting Star, for the life cycle of bets and which will be deducted from the returns. 

Payment is made on presentation of the official receipt and where this has been lost you must complete a lost receipt claim form in order to claim the winnings. 

The maximum winnings listed below (for Rs.1.00) apply to bets placed on any betting platform of Sporting Star.
Bet type Horse racing Greyhound racing Virtual racing Numbers betting Sports & Special event betting
Single No limit No limit No limit No limit No limit
Double No limit No limit No limit No limit No limit
Treble 600 600 600 No limit 600
4-Fold 700 700 700 No limit 700
5-Fold 800 800 800 No limit 800
F/C No limit No limit No limit
TIC 2000 2000 2000
5%- less 16 10%-16 or more 5%- less 16 10%16 or more
Quinelle 250 250
Exacta No limit No limit
Trifecta 2000 2000
First 4 2000 2000
Where selections taken from different categories listed above are combined in multiple or accumulative bets the lowest maximum winnings limit will apply. All bets also subject to a 5% deduction from the final settlement.

Unless a bet has been placed under ante post terms, when a selection is made void or does not run, then in the single bets the stake will be returned. In accumulative bets the stake will run on to the remaining selection(s) with a double becoming a single, a treble becoming a double and so on. Unless a specific reference is made in the individual section that covers the sport, abandoned or postponed events are void. However, bets in markets that have already been resolved at the time of such event shall stand. 

When a dead heat occurs for first place, the stake money on the winning selection will be divided by the number of winners and full odds paid on the reduced stake and the remainder of the stake will be lost. Where a win and place (each way) bet involves a dead heat winner, the win part of the bet will be settled as mentioned earlier and the place part will be settled in full, in accordance with the relevant place terms of the event.  Should the dead heat only involve placed selections and results in more than the allocated number of places, then the stakes will be divided and full place odds will be paid on the reduced stake.

We produce an official “OFF” time for all horse, greyhound, numbers and sports events covered in our full service. Bets are valid if accepted up to this time unless a grace period is offered by the Sporting Star management. Single bets accepted after the “OFF Time will be void. In multiple bets late selections will be treated as non-runners. Where the official ‘off of a race or event is not announced bets are accepted up to the advertised start time. In the event of any horse, greyhound, numbers and sports events/race starts before the advertised time, we would only consider the ACTUAL RACE OFF time when settling the bets and any bets placed after the actual race off time shall be made VOID.

Its punters responsibility to pay the correct amount to the cashier and in the case of an under stake, bet will be settled as a proportion of the correct stake. In the case of over stake, over staked amount will be refunded. 

Bets are settled to win unless each way is clearly stated and for settlement purposes, these bets will treat as two separate bets and settle on WIN to WIN, PLACE to PLACE bases. Place part shall be equal or less than the win part and in case of a WIN ONLY race, place part of a single bet shall be added to the win part and settle it as a win single while on a multiple bet win dividends would be treated as place dividends and settle the bet accordingly.  

Unless specifically advertised, place only bets are not accepted for less than three selections. Place dividends term would be determined by the race type (Handicap/ Non Handicap) and number of runners in the race. If a selection from a Win ONLY race included, Win dividends would treat as a place dividends and settle the bet accordingly. 

If an inclusion of a  non- runner prevent to have the minimum selections for accepting a place only bet (three selections), stake would be equally divided and settle the bet as a E/W for remaining selections. 

If same selection mentioned two times or more in a multiple bet, the bet will be settled as instructed with duplicated selections treat as non-runners. 

If two or more selections from same race/event, stake shall be equally divided where the selection clashes and settle as separate bets.  

Its punters responsibility to provide correct instructions when placing the bet and in the case of incorrect selection name or number, incorrect time, incorrect event or meeting, incorrect bet or bet code and etc. Sporting Star Management receive the right to settle the bet according to the closest indication. 

Accumulative/multiple bets are not accepted where the outcome of one part of the bet contributes to the outcome of another. If taken in error the stake will be equally divided among selections and settle it as singles.

Ante post prices are those offered on: Horse Racing prior to the final declaration stage, Greyhound events up to and including the semifinal stage, Sports events and special events (non- sporting) prior to the start of that particular event.

Single Ante-Post bets on horse racing will be made void and any such selection involved in accumulative bets will be treated as a non-runner in case of the race is abandoned, the race is officially declared void, the conditions of the race are altered after bets are made and a horse is balloted out under Jockey Club Rules of Racing.

Ante post bets are accepted on the understanding that punter will lose his stake if his selection does not participate unless stated as “NON RUNNER MONEY BACK” by Sporting Star. No Tattersalls’ Rule 4 deductions are made from winning bets except when a runner in a horse race is balloted out.

If incorrect odds been written in the slip for any selection, Sporting Star management has the right to correct that mistake and settle the bet on SP terms.