Numbers Betting Fair Deal Rules

  1. Bets are accepted up to the no more bets time broadcast on SIS. Where a no more bets time is not broadcast by SIS, bets will be accepted up to 15 minutes prior to the draw being made. Any bet placed after this time will be void unless we are satisfied that the bet was placed before the draw started. Where a timed/named draw is selected but the bet is accepted after the day’s corresponding draw has taken place or the draw does not take place, SINGLE bets will stand for the next draw to take place regardless of the draw time/name nominated. No 5% deduction shall apply for any numbers bet.
  2. 49’s takes place twice daily every day. Six numbers plus a Bonus Number known as the Booster are drawn from balls marked 1-49. Simply predict the numbers drawn, with or without the Booster ball, and if your bet is successful, you will receive the full accumulative odds advertised below.

49’s odds 6 ball:

Number of balls selectedOdds
1 Number4/1
2 Numbers49/1
3 Numbers499/1
4 Numbers4999/1
5 Numbers99999/1

49’s odds 7 ball :

Number of balls selectedOdds
1 NumberN/A
2 NumbersN/A
3 NumbersN/A
4 NumbersN/A
5 NumbersN/A 50,00011